Minggu, 31 Juli 2011

I've got award again

My best friend, Juni give me the great award

But sometimes, I feel not deserve this becoz I've not been enough to inspire the people around me :(

OK, let's start ^_^

1. Q : How long have you been blogging ?
    A : Around 8 months...maybe....xixixi

2. Q : When did the first time you blogged?
    A : In January 2011...maybe *again :P

3. Q : What is you purpose to making blog?
    A : I just wanna make something new to express my self, all about my passion, my idea and the most   important thing...to share my anomaly :P

4. Q : Who inspired you so that your blog becoming like now?
    A : There're a lot of inspiring blogger. They have their own style & I really appreciate them ^_^

5. Send this award to other four bloggers
  ooow...I can't send this award. am I stingy ? off course not :P
  I've not had a lot of friends to share it. Maybe next time ^_^

4 komentar:

  1. makasih mba susi sudah dikerjain award-nya, smoga kelak kawan2x bloggernya mba Susi makin banyak jadi bisa dishare buat teman2x mba yang lain ya ^_^

  2. aamiin...makasih banget buat awardnya, moga" sy lbh rajin bikin posting baru ^_^

  3. si Teteh mah.. haha hihi ajah n maybe-maybe-an... hehehehe... kata siapa ga menginspirasi??, tulisan2 sebelumnya menginspirasi kok!! hayoo diperbanyak lagi postingannya..

  4. justru eta...sy serba teu yakin *gejala amnesia...hehehe